Ignatian Service Program

Requirements for All Grades - Ignatian Service Program 2017-2018

Class Year

Minimum Requirements

Freshmen (Class of 2021)

•Ten (10) hours of service at a non- profit dedicated to helping the marginalized in society.

•All hours are due by 1/5/18.

Sophomores (Class of 2020)

•Twenty (20) hours of service at a non -profit dedicated to helping the marginalized in society, due 1/5/18

•Only ten (10) hours out of the minimum thirty can be accomplished at Canisius events or fundraisers.

Juniors (Class of 2019)

•Thirty (30) hours of service at non-profit during Summer 2017, due 12/1/17

•Companions Immersion Tip during second semester or proposal for Summer 2018 service placement due in spring 2018

Seniors (Class of 2018)

•Forty (40) hours of service at single site during Spring/Summer of 2017* Must be a site with direct interaction with marginalized individuals.

•Hours and formal evaluation due August 11 2017**

•Grad at Grad Project (approx. 20 minute presentation)

All reflections will occur during the second semester in religion class. Students will receive a grade which will go toward the assessment for the marking period. Further details will be given by the Religious Studies instructor.

Each upperclassman is expected to assist in the Canisius community at least once during the year. These events might include: Parent night, Open House, Grammar School Basketball Tournament, Food Drive, GAMBIT, 7th grade practice exam, ushering at the play, assisting admission office, or any other event which benefits the mission of Canisius High School.

All students are strongly encouraged to volunteer during the summer at one of the sites
suggested by the school. A list of sites can be found here.

PARENTS: Please encourage your son to take a strong initiative to plan his service projects within the school guidelines for authentic Ignatian service. Service must be for a non-profit agency or organization that could not otherwise provide this service. CHS students serve the young, poor, homeless, disabled, elderly, chronically ill and dying in our community as well as around the world. Ignatian service is NOT helping a relative with chores or working for sports camps or country clubs. While these types of work may be valid sources of help, they do not meet the criteria of Ignatian service.

If you have questions, please email Mr. Ron Ahrens at ahrens@canisiushigh.org or call (716) 200-0269.