iPad Program

iPad Orientation (Freshman & Transfers)

Student iPad distribution will take place during Freshman Fun Day and Transfer Student Orientation. Students will receive an iPad, charger, charging cable, and case. They will also be given an iPad homework assignment to be completed by the first day of school.

All students must bring the following items to Orientation:

  • Email (required)
    • Each student should have their own, school appropriate, email address. This email should not be a shared or family email. It is not important who the email address is issued through. Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. are all appropriate. What is important is that the student knows the username and password for the email account.
  • Apple ID (required)
    • An Apple ID is an email address that acts as your “user name” for everything you do with Apple such as buying apps or using iCloud. Each iPad must have an Apple ID associated with it. Apple IDs are free. If a student already has an Apple ID it can be used on his school-issued iPad. It is critical that the student knows the username and password for his Apple ID as it will be required throughout orientation. For more information about Apple IDs, click here. To create an Apple ID, click here.

iPad Swap (Juniors only)

Juniors will be required to bring their old iPads to their scheduled orientation so that they can be swapped out for new ones. Please be advised that the iPad must be returned in a usable condition free of any damage or other disrepair. If the iPad is in need of repair a check in the amount of the deductible must accompany the student to their orientation.


The majority of classes offer digital textbooks or they give the option of buying digital or print textbooks. The book list for the 2016-2017 school year is available here. The method of purchasing books depends on the source of the book listed on the book list. Teachers will walk students through the installation of textbooks and course materials during orientation.