General Information

The Carr Memorial Library at Canisius High School upholds the school's philosophy and goals for academic excellence. It is devoted to providing a rich learning environment equipped with essential resources and personnel to serve the information needs of the Canisius learning community.

The library is home to approximately 8,700 volumes in diverse formats including encyclopedias, atlases, current fiction, graphic novels, multiple titles in various foreign languages, the classics, textbooks, DVDs, critical guides to literature, biographies, current periodicals and popular magazines, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buffalo News. Students also have access to the Internet, e-Books, email and electronic databases that can be accessed both in the library and from a remote location. To facilitate their school work, students may use a high speed printer and a photocopy machine.

There are nine HP Compaq computers operating in the Windows environment in the main reading room and 25 Macintosh computers operating an OS X in the lab adjacent to the library. Computers are available for students to use before and after school. During the school day, computers may be reserved by teachers for class instruction. Computer availability is announced daily and can be viewed on the library web calendar. The library is staffed by a full-time library media specialist available to help students Monday through Friday. The library is intended for quiet study and all students are expected to comport themselves appropriately in the library.

Regular library hours are 7:30 am to 4:45 pm on normal school days. Occasionally the library will be closed early to allow for special events. In those cases students will not have access to the computers in the library.

• General collection books circulate for two weeks. At the due date, a book can be renewed for an additional two weeks, if no one else has requested it.
• Reference material does not circulate. If you need to borrow a book overnight, please check with a librarian.
• Books/items on reserve may not be taken out of the library. Students can obtain reserved items at the circulation desk.

The 10 Commandments of Library Manners
• Thou shall honor the morning call to prayer, the Pledge and the Examen by ceasing all activity in the library
• Thou shall use appropriate language in the library at all times.
• Thou shall keep holy the day of school liturgies, thus the library will close.
• Thou shall abide by all regular school policies, (e.g. dress code, cell phone use, eating/drinking outside of the cafeteria, etc.) in the library.
• Thou shall come prepared to work quietly to use the resources in the library.
• Thou shall handle all of the resources of the library with great respect.
• Thou shall clean up thy area of work to maintain proper order in the room. (e.g. throw out trash, return chairs to tables, log off computers, take personal belongings, etc.)
• Thou shall not covet library materials. Materials that are needed should be borrowed properly and returned in a timely fashion.
• Thou shall not steal: Plagiarism and/or cheating are considered acts of theft and will be handled as school policy dictates.
• Thou shall honor the Canisius High School Acceptable Use Policy for computer use.

Telephone: (716) 882-0466 ext. 299