AP Program

As part of its college preparatory curriculum, Canisius High School participates in the College Board’s Advanced Placement (A.P.) program. A.P. courses are college-level courses and are offered to qualified students who wish to challenge themselves beyond the already demanding Canisius curriculum.

Canisius High School requires students enrolled in A.P. courses to take the A.P. exam, traditionally offered in May of each school year.

In 2015-2016, 425 Canisius students took one or more A.P. exams, with 701 exams offered in all. One hundred and twenty-eight students received an “A.P. Scholar” designation from the College Board, with six students earning “National A.P. Scholar” status.

For the 2016-17 academic year, Canisius offers these A.P. courses:


A.P. English Literature and

A.P. English Language and


A.P. World History

A.P. European History

A.P. United States History

A.P. United States Government and Politics


A.P. Chinese Language and Culture


A.P. Calculus (AB)

A.P. Calculus (BC)

A.P. Statistics


A.P. Biology

A.P. Chemistry

A.P. Computer Science Principles

A.P. Physics C (Mechanics)

A.P. Psychology

In addition, students frequently prepare independently under the guidance of CHS faculty for the A.P. Art History, A.P. French Language, A.P. Macroeconomics, A.P. Microeconomics, A.P. Music Theory, A.P. Spanish Language and Culture and A.P. Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism) exams.

Students not enrolled in an A.P. course at Canisius are welcome to challenge the corresponding A.P. exam in May (for example, a student enrolled in United States History could challenge the A.P. United States History exam). Students should discuss with their teacher whether challenging the exam is appropriate. Inquiries regarding A.P. challenges should be directed to the Assistant Principal or the Registrar.

For inquiries regarding the A.P. program at Canisius, including student enrollment in A.P. courses, contact Mrs. Jeanne Whittington, Assistant Principal.

For inquiries regarding registration for A.P. exams, including A.P. exam fees, contact Mrs. Barbara Fricano, Registrar.